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Freeing the Spirit through Voice

Spider and Legend Les Paul

Spider and Legend Les Paul

Spider Saloff has been teaching jazz vocal students for the past fifteen years.  She has specialized in teaching scat singing and interpretation at The Bloom School of Jazz in Chicago, one of the only schools in the country completely dedicated to the study of Jazz Music.

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Spider has given master classes in venues all over the US, England and Italy.

In her scat singing courses, she teaches students from all sorts of music backgrounds how to use music improvisation to release the normal inhibitions of the voice.  Many of these students are not professional musicians or may not have had any musical training.  It is through these teachings that Ms. Saloff began to notice the change that was occurring in students, not only in their ability to sing but in their ability to function in life.

Family members and friends who attended the final concert presentation by the students noted that they could see them, in some cases, “blossom before their eyes.”  Others noted that the way they conducted themselves at work and at home had become more relaxed with a “new found sense of confidence”

These classes can be offered as a course over several days or weeks or can be presented as a one to two hour master class.  All classes are designed to be taught to a group of students.

Using simple and fun jazz techniques to free the voice, Saloff helps her students to transform their lives to a relaxed and natural state of harmony.



8 weeks, 5 to 7 students.  Advanced.

This 8 week course, suggested for advanced singers, focuses on recording and listening back.  Classes are 2 hours.

Students work on 2 songs which are pre-selected before beginning the course.  Each week, students will work on recording, studying technique in both singing and the practice of working with recorded sound.

The class will complete with a recording in a professional studio in Chicago and each student will have a copy of their own CD.


3 day intense course.  5 to 7 students.  Advanced.

This concentrated course is for experienced singers who will already have prepared material to bring to the table.

Students will work on 2 songs that they have already worked on and prepared, focusing on the art of live performance.  Songs will be worked on not only for musical presentation but also the other elements of performing, such as: talking to band members, counting off, physical presence, use of microphone.

Classes will be on two weekends and will be laid out as follows:

Week one: Saturday afternoon, 4 hours of class time with a lunch break at the 2 hour point.

Week two: Saturday afternoon, 2 hour rehearsal with trio.  Public performance the following day on Sunday afternoon.

 Song workshop 1

5 weeks,  5 to 7 students.  Beginner mini course.

This is an easy, accessible start up course for singers.  Students will prepare 1 song that will be worked on for 4, 2 hour sessions.  Class will complete on week 5 with a concert at the Bloom School of Jazz.

Singers will be recorded at class one and again on class 3 to track progress.

  Advanced Song Workshop

4 weeks.  4 to 6 students.  Experienced singers.

This is an intense workshop for singers with prepared material.  Students will work on 2 songs for 3, 3 hour work sessions.  Class will complete with a public performance on week 4.

Singers will be recorded and critiqued at class 2.

 One Day Song Clinic

1 day, 5 hours (including lunch break).  4 to 6 students.  Experienced singers.

This is an intense one day work session.  Singers will come in with one song prepared.  They will be recorded at the start of the day.  We will then work the song for 2 hours.  There will be a lunch break.

Students will be recorded again and critiqued during the remaining 2 hours.