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You can get private classes, one on one with Spider!  Spider offers classes that can focus on technique, repetoire, song style, performance coaching and stage presence.  Classes are available virtually or in person. For details contact Spider directly at


Freeing the Spirit through Voice

Spider and Legend Les Paul
Spider and Legend Les Paul

Spider Saloff has been teaching jazz vocal students for the past thirty years.  She has specialized in teaching scat singing and interpretation at The Bloom School of Jazz in Chicago, one of the only schools in the country completely dedicated to the study of Jazz Music.

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Spider has given master classes in venues all over the US, England and Italy.

In her scat singing courses, she teaches students from all sorts of music backgrounds how to use music improvisation to release the normal inhibitions of the voice.  Many of these students are not professional musicians or may not have had any musical training.  It is through these teachings that Ms. Saloff began to notice the change that was occurring in students, not only in their ability to sing but in their ability to function in life.

Family members and friends who attended the final concert presentation by the students noted that they could see them, in some cases, “blossom before their eyes.”  Others noted that the way they conducted themselves at work and at home had become more relaxed with a “new found sense of confidence”

What students say about Spider Saloff

If you’re looking to develop your style and discover your artistry, I highly recommend Spider Saloff as a vocal coach and teacher. She’s not only a world-class artist and performer who brings that experience to her teaching, she’s also a soulful coach who can help you find your voice and your confidence. And she’s a heck of a lot of fun. Get her in your corner.

Sandy Suminski, Writer


Spider Saloff does not only teach her students but also develops their natural vocal instincts and talents. Whatever your level of vocal prowess, taking a vocal class with her will develop you where you are and help to take you to where you want to go. She mentors the students with their goals in mind. And I say without hesitation Taking a class with Spider only whets your appetite for more. ‘Swing’ for the fences.

Albert Colley Jr. Ed.D.


I have been working with Ms. Saloff for several years.  When I began voice work with her, I was unsure that I was even a singer.  I am a musician, but was never a singer.   I have grown by leaps and bounds as a musician and as a singer because Ms. Saloff is professional, knowledgeable, intuitive, empathetic and a dream to work with.What is incredible to me is the safe space that Ms. Saloff creates, the warmth in her delivery and her absolute charming manner of teaching.   She is a gem.

Karen Crystal


I have been taking vocal classes from Spider for a couple of years. She is an inspirational teacher that brings out the best in my singing ability. I have learned so many things from her. Confidence in my ability to perform is one of the most important things she has taught me. She encourages me to be creative and try things that I consider risky. I trust her and it always works out for me.

Joy Boyce


I have taken many vocal classes taught by Spider Saloff.  She does an excellent job of teaching you the ins and outs of a professional singer of jazz.  How to “sell” the song, how to relax while performing, how to position your voice in the best way for you, how to set the tempo and key the tune in the range that’s best for you. … overall, how to be a much better singer.  I recommend Spider as a teacher that will significantly elevate your singing and your performing beyond what you thought possible.

Jerry Johnson


I’ve been taking jazz vocal classes with Spider Saloff for a couple of decades. With every class, I learn so much from her! Through her incredible knowledge of the American songbook and irresistible charm, humor, and humanity, Spider has helped me find more than my voice: I’ve found my soul. The opportunity to study with this great jazz master has enriched my life indelibly and I am deeply grateful!

Beth Ida Stern

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Spider Saloff literally taught me how to sing. I consider myself a “passionate amateur” and didn’t start working with Spider until I was 40 years old. So my aspirations were for personal satisfaction. Those aspirations were exceeded. Her personal instruction has advanced my approach to every aspect of working on a song — from song selection itself to examining tempos to lyric phrasing to working with musicians and making the most dramatic expression to an audience. And her knowledge of musical history is astonishing and enormously entertaining. I could not make a higher recommendation for anyone desiring to improve their vocal jazz chops.

Martin Kantor


I wanted to thank you for your help in preparing me for my show.  After the show, several people described my performance as very professional, and several commented on my stage presence.  I know the differences that they noticed resulted from the private tutoring that I received from Spider.    The scatting session alone was worth the price of admission.

Joyce Thomas