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Spider Saloff Exudes The Cool Heat of Peggy Lee

By Spider Saloff | May 2, 2018

Night Life Exchange New York Spider Saloff Exudes The Cool Heat of Peggy Lee May 1, 2018   By Marilyn Lester**** Spider Saloff is so darn appealing you just want to wrap her up and take her home. The singer is a bubbly package of entertainment perfection. She’s poised, witty, personable, smart and most of all, […]

Spider Saloff is a Pod Person

By Spider Saloff | March 8, 2018

  Chicago Jazz Magazine   Spider Saloff is a Pod Person 3.4.2018 | Randy Freedman   Spider Saloff is an internationally acclaimed jazz vocalist based in Chicago. In late 2017, Saloff began a music, talk and comedy podcast titled Spider Saloff’s Spider’s Web. A podcast is similar to a radio program, with the key difference […]

This Spider spins a magical web

By Spider Saloff | March 7, 2018

The PANTAGRAPH Bloomington, IL Thursday February 22 2018 Dan Craft This Spider spins a magical web Spider Saloff: Not your typical très chic jazz singer handle. “It’s a college nickname that would’t go away,” confesses the former New Yorker who switched home bases to Chicago in 1993. It came about, and stuck, because … well, because […]

Swell Party: Cole Porter Celebration

By Spider Saloff | November 29, 2016

  Spider Saloff, the image of a modern day “flapper “, captures the jazz age in her celebration of Cole Porter. He was the toast of the jazz age and the ultimate party animal, Cole Porter! The concert features a collection of music from the composer/lyricist that has remains timeless to this day. Saloff creates […]

Spider just awarded Bistro Award

By mark | March 7, 2018

Spider was just awarded the Bistro Award for Ongoing Jazz Artistry in NYC on March 13, 2017. She performed a the ceremony along side luminaries, Darlene Love, Carol Woods and Paul Shaffer!  Here is her review that she received for show in NYC just days before the award! Spider Saloff The Best of Spider Saloff […]