The critics rave about Spider Saloff

Spider on Marquee"She is dynamic, a powerhouse of passion!"
San Francisco Examiner
"A great person, as a singer and personality!"
Margaret Whiting"
A great singer! Not just a jazz singer … a deep love of music. She cherishes each note. Martha Raye had it and Mel Torme, and Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland and so does Spider Saloff."
Hugh Martin
"A thrilling singer! This is a voice you can dig, 'cause I dig it too."
Lionel Hampton

"Right-on intonation and a personal style which can sell a ballad or tantalize with half a chorus of scatting."Dick Hyman

"Full of life and vitality."
Studs Terkel

"Ms. Saloff is a gifted and polished song stylist. A most enjoyable musical outing!"
Rex Reed

spider saloff"the Lady Spider' will reel you in immediately! There isn't a venue she can't make her own, from the biggest auditorium to the most intimate nightclub. She's blessed with perfect pitch, exquisite phasing, and she's a marvelous actress. I've known her for years and she's a warm, witty and unforgettable person. I love and admire her both as a performer and as a woman. She can SING and she can COOK TOO!"
Julie Wilson

"If there is a greater, more electric and sensitive singer on the planet than spider saloff, my ears eagerly await."
Rick Kogan Chicago Tribune/ WGN SuperStation

"Rarely have I heard so many musical ideas from one set of pipes with the talent and self assurance to carry them off. Her jazz phrasing is flawless."
Back Stage

"A wicked way with a lyric and a glint of well-controlled mischief."
The New York Times

"Slyly sophisticated, easily accessible, Saloff stands as a kind of ideal."
Chicago Tribune

"Saloff's frenzied scat-singing trip brought the audience to its knees."
Star Ledger

"Her voice takes on a lovely Billy Holiday-like quality. Saloff will win you over completely."
New York Post

spider"It's apparent she's a performer of depth … she demonstrated her impressive jazz skills [with] a sudden outpouring of high notes."
Chicago Sun-Times

"Saloff's flexible pop soprano pipes are tops."

"Whether scatting impressively or breaking hearts with her stirring performance, her agile voice and winning stage presence kept the audience totally enthralled."
Asbury Park Press

The elegant style and vocal delivery of Chicago vocalist Spider Saloff secure her place in the tradition of great female jazz singers.
WTTW Channel 11, (PBS) Network Chicago

What the critics say about the CD Like Glass

spider"sensual, smoky … together, they combine the blues with samba and brace the audience for whatever comes next."
The silky timbre of her voice and the natural resonance of her band combine seamlessly to produce a lovely concert. . Saloff swings when appropriate and delivers each lyric clearly. Her scatting gives the session an uplifting quality that never stops."
All About Jazz

"In Like Glass, the title cut, Saloff conveyed an openness of sound and smoldering intensity that recalled June Christy. Saloff let the music speak for itself. Now that's singing!"
Chicago Tribune

"Like Glass, Saloff's sixth album aptly highlights her talents and carries the listener to some dreamy intimate soundscapes."
Chicago Jazz Institute

"a classic vibe, that is a must have set for adults looking for sophisticated music that won't be broken into by commercials and newsbreaks. Contemporary, mainstream jazz that's right there."
Midwest record recap

"Every once in a while you come across a talent that speaks to you … Moves you … Influences you! Enter Spider Saloff."

"Dynamic and highly entertaining! A jazz vocalist with few peers!"

"…Spider delivers a lyric like Barry Bonds scores homeruns … She connects everytime."
Chris Cortez KCSM